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      About Meihua

      Meihua group is a world advanced supplier for amino acid nutrition and health solution which can provide many famous clients from more than 100 countries and regions with various kinds of amino acid products and application solution. The company was established in 2002 with full name “Meihua Holding Group Co., Ltd.”and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange at the end of 2010. The headquarters is located in Langfang City, Hebei province; it is one of the production enterprises with domestically most amino acid comprehensive categories and maximum output.

      In biological fermentation industry, Meihua group has most complete and longest industrial chain and supporting facilities, so that it can flexibly satisfy different client from all over the world with differentiated demand and pursuit for rapid innovation through research, production, supplying and sales service. It is dedicated in building high-end industry platform for biological fermentation and biological pharmacy. In 2015, Meihua group had 12,000 personnel, realized 13 billion of operation revenue and established the layout of Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Dalian, Shanxi and other regions.

      1、Establish scale advantage——Inner Mongolia Tongliao base 
      (Tongliao Meihua Biological Technology Co., LTD)

      Inner Mongolia Tongliao base is located in the Mulitu industrial park, Horqin District, Tongliao city, Inner Mongolia. The east and west districts are separate. The west district was invested with 3 billion yuan; it went into operation in October, 2006 and successively pushed out glutamine, threonine, isoleucine, valine and other amino acid product. The east district project was invested with 5 billion yuan; it went into operation in2012 and further extended industry chains and scale advantages.

      2、Lead the amino acid field——Xinjiang Wujiaqu production base
      (Xinjiang Meihua Amino acid Co., LTD)

      Xinjiang Wujiaqu production base is located in the Wujiaqu north industrial park, north to Urumqi City, Xinjiang, with 6 billion of investment. It is prepared to be built from March, 2011, established and went to operation in 2012. Its capacity  of amino acid series is close to 500,000tons And it is the world largest amino acid production line with highest rate of comprehensive resource utilization, most advanced environmentally protection facilities and best quality technical equipment.

      3、Build prototype plant ——completely automatic base for seasoning packaging
      (Langfang Meihua Flavoring Foods Co., LTD)

      Langfang Meihua Flavoring Foods Co., LTD is a specialized completely automatic base for seasoning packaging. The plant is located in the Langfang development area, Hebei province. It was established and went to operation in 2011. With the objective of automatic and intelligent production line, it comprehensively creates new prototype plant. It applies many most advanced technologies for quality control, and becomes the model of automatic prototype plant.


      Establish scale advantage——Inner Mongolia Tongliao base (Tongliao Meihua Biological Technology Co., LTD)


      Lead the amino acid field——Xinjiang Wujiaqu production base (Xinjiang Meihua Amino acid Co., LTD)

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