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      Basic information

      Chinese name: valine   English name: 1-2-Amino-3-methylbutyric acid   


      Valine is one of twenties amino acids in human body which compose protein, and also one of 8 kinds of amino acid and glycogenic amino acid. It works with other two kinds of high concentration amino acid (isoleucine and leucine) to improve normal body growth, repair tissue, adjust blood glucose and provide with important energy. When a human performs any strenuous physical activities, valine can provide body with additional energy to form glucose and prevent muscle asthenia. It also helps to remove redundant nitrogen (potential toxin) from liver and transform the nitrogen required by body to any parts. 

      Valine is a kind of essential amino acid, which is means that it can’t be produced by human body, so that it can be obtained only through food. Its source natural food includes grain, dairy product, lentinus edodes, mushroom, peanut, soyabean protein and meat. Although most people can obtain sufficient quantity of it, the cases of valine deficiency disease are not rare. When the quantity of valine is insufficient, the central nervous system of rat may appear dysfunction, ataxia so that rat arms and legs appear quiver. Common used injection of valine and other branched chain amino acid is used to cure hepatic failure and organ damage caused by excessive drinking and drug abuse. In addition, it also can be used as a therapeutic agent to accelerate healing of wound. 

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