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      L-Proline (shortened form is proline) is one of eighteen kinds of amino acid that form protein in human body. Under room temperature, it appears colorless to white crystal or crystalline powder. It is with slightly stink and slightly sweet flavor. It is easily soluble in water, hardly soluble in ethyl alcohol, not soluble in diethyl ether and n-butyl alcohol. 


      Basic information 

      English name:L-Proline; H-Pro-OH; (S)-Pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid; 2-Pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid; D-proline

      CAS:147-85-3    EINECS:205-702-2


      L-Proline is a kind of important amino acid that form protein in human body, the critical material for amino acid transfusion and also the main intermediate for compounding captopril, enalapril and other first-line antihypertensive drugs. It has been widely applied in food, medicine and other industries. L-Proline applies corn fermentation. It omits all kinds of chemical reagent added in synthetic process so that it is safer. 

      1、It is applied in amino acid injection, compound amino ccid transfusion, food additives, nutrition supplement infusion, etc. 

      2、It is applied in biochemical research; in medicine, it is applied in malnutrition, protein deficiency disease, stomach disease, scald and protein supplement after surgery. 

      3、It is used as nutritional supplement. As special flavor agent, when it is mutually heated with sugar, it may appear amidogen-carbonyl reaction and generate special flavor component. 

      4、It is used as amino acids drug. It is one for materials for compound amino acid infusion solutions applying in malnutrition, protein deficiency disease, serious gastrointestinal tract disease, scald and protein supplement after surgery.

      5、Medicine raw material and food additives.

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