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      Meihua & Ajinomoto strategically cooperate, to jointly “compose” a new pattern

      Recently, Meihua Group and Ajinomoto signed a strategic agreement on the supply of amino acids, and both sides hereof start deep cooperation: Ajinomoto Group's threonine, lysine and other feed amino acid products sold worldwide will be authorized to Meihua Group for supply, and Meihua will play a key role in Ajinomoto's global supply chain system.

      Meihua and Ajinomoto’s cooperation this time will help to reshape the global supply structure of feed amino acid, and to promote the development and progress of amino acid for animal nutrition.

      In virtue of Ajinomoto’s global sales channels and leading technical quality, Meihua Group will further output the production capacity of amino acid for animal nutrition to the world; in the process of cooperation, Meihua will take the advanced technology management and operational experience as reference, making Meihua’s product quality and operation efficiency even better, thus speeding up the transformation from excellence to superexcellence.

      Based on the value chain specialization in global market, Meihua will also make use of global resource allocation opportunities to continually carry out cooperation with more well-known global enterprises, better serve Chinese amino acids to global customers, and try to let the world fall in love with Meihua manufacturing.


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