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      Pulullan capsule


      Pullulan polysaccharides capsules used pullulan polysaccharides (fermented from corn) as main raw material, produced by special dipping and drying process. There is no amino acid association reaction risk like gelatin, little difference in between and guarantee drug to release stable. It’s approved by FDA as safe, and is the first choice to replace gelatin capsule. 

      Product advantage

      Natural and safe — does not contain any animal ingredients, avoid the risk of zoonotic, can meet the demand of special cultural and religious beliefs;

      Low oxygen permeability and easy to store — oxygen transmittance is 1/300 of the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose capsule, 1/8 of the gelatin capsules, can protect the capsule contents from oxidation, extend the storage period

      Safe and reliable quality --- no animal protein contains, microorganisms are not easy to grow, thus no chemical sterilization needed, it is safe and reliable. 

      Nice appearance --- transparent and shining, easily accepted by the consumer. 

      Cost Saving --- trimming and waste capsule can be recycled repeatedly which lower the production cost. 

      Technical support 

      We will provide whole set work instructions and employee training.

      Product Specification(QB)

      Bulk density                                            ≤ 1grain/10

      Brittle broken degrees                                  ≤ 5grains/50

      Disintegration time limit                               ≤ 30minutes

      Viscosity (10% w/w aqueous solution at 30°)             ≥60 mm2/s 

      Loss on drying                                          10.0%-14.0%

      Ignited residue                                          ≤2.0%(Transparent) ; ≤3.0%(Translucent); ≤5.0%(Opaque)

      Heavy Metals (as lead)                                   ≤ 20 ppm

      Arsenic                                                  <1.5 ppm

      Total Plate Count                                        ≤ 1000CFU/g

      Molds and Yeasts                                         ≤100CFU/g

      Coliforms:                                               Negative in 25 g

      Salmonella:                                              Negative in 25 g

      Packing:10000 grains/caton

      Storage conditions:   Relative humidity is 35%-65%,the temperature is10℃-25℃

      Shelf life: 5 years


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