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      Soil conditioner


      Carried Standard: Q/XMA 10—2014 Registry Number: NF (2014) LZ No. 8633

      Nitrogen content≥12.0%, organic matter≥18.0%

      Net content: 40kg/50kg

      Description of products

      This product is produced by pure grain fermentation. It is a kind of green, efficient and pollution-free fertilizer produced through concentration spraying granulation. It contains abundant organic material, amino acid and various kinds of medium trace element which can effectively activate, loose soil, improve the nutrient conditions of plant root system and increasing operation rate. It can improve moisture and fertility preserving capacity, effectively enhance drought resistance, disease resistance and continuous cropping resistance of plant, and greatly improve the output and quality. Coordinating with the phosphorus potassium fertilizer, it will generate better effect. It is the best choice for green agricultural products. 

      Product shape: Particles

      Scope of application

      It is appropriate for corn, rice, wheat and other grain crops and Soybean, cotton, peanuts, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and other various commercial crops. 

      Applicable soil: non-acidic soil 

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